Global and project based bins

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Global and project based bins

Post by masterchief » 27 Sep 2011, 13:20

After using TVPaint for a while, your bins get clustered with a multitude of assets. I would prefer the ability to be able to select desired assets from GLOBAL bins. Project based bins contain assets selected from GLOBAL bins. OR.... link to assets in the GLOBAL bins. Desired affect is for project to include only those assets required for the project.

Exportable assets that can be shared with other TVPaint users?????
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Re: Global and project based bins

Post by Elodie » 28 Sep 2011, 07:09

If I understood you well, you can already do that by sharing your Default folder with other persons :
Windows : C:Documents and settings / User / Application Data (or App Data) / TVP Animation 9 / Default
Mac : User / Library (Mac lion : go to Finder's "GO to" top menu and press Alt to make appear the Library) / TVP Animation 9 / Default
Linux : User / .tvp (don't forget to make appear hidden folders) / TVP Animation 9 / Default

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Re: Global and project based bins

Post by JohnArtbox » 11 May 2012, 07:31

Just saw this post. I'd love to have project based bins as an easy method of asset storage.
But I think they should be saved as part of the project file or under the project file location for easy backup.

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Re: Global and project based bins

Post by Kwadrope » 17 May 2012, 09:43

Maybe,just maybe

the TVP file format could be like the Blender (.blend) or Openraster (.ora) format?
Or ,if not tvpaint,an extra format that encapsulates every asset in it's own folder for easier distribution?

.blend or .ora files are effectively ARCHIVE formats. They can be browsed for their contents in automaticly generated folders based on function (the blender format can only be accessed from inside of blender,but that doesn't matter you can link and append from them)

If TVP would have such functionality working together in a team would become so much better.

And even if it is not a function of the TVP format you could make a command that would wrap the assets you select from a list:
you want the bins? the brushes? the keymap? the colors? effects? all of the above? only some?

and then you "export" it and it gets written in whatever format or folder the tvp paint team prefers,and can be easily exchanged. Messing around in appdata is annoying at best,and can be damaging at worst.

then if it is in the said format you can access it via file browser or tvpaint en you can extract and import different types of assets,whatever you choose

just an idea

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