Extended playback

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Extended playback

Post by slowtiger » 30 Jul 2020, 11:14

This morning TVP user Anita Bruneburg posted: (https://twitter.com/bruneburg/status/12 ... 8281131008)
That one file has like 6-7 different shots in it. About 40 seconds of animation. And its all in the same clip too.
Brcause being able to view several clips after each other is one thing only Premium does and premium is not what I have.
Which gets me an idea.
How about a way to chain up a list of projects/clips and then be able to play them back in sequence no matter in how many different projects they are stored?

On the UI level it would need an additional playback setting / playback mode. Settings would be "plus 1 clip before and after/ plus n clips before and after / 30 sec before and after".
Error "you haven't defined a play list yet". "Define play list": "add project". (delete, sort.) NIce to have: to incorporate video files as well.

What I like about this: no need to blow up projects just for the sake of continuity. Ability to work in an animatic with rendered sequences which are not imported.

Of course this opens a brand new Pandora's Box of dependencies. But I think bigger productions might like this a lot. As far as I know no system offers the ability to watch scenes in sequence directly from the animation program, without rendering evering to video first.
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Re: Extended playback

Post by Dean » 31 Jul 2020, 10:00

Hello Slowtiger,
So being able to select clips across different shots and even projects to create a "playlist"?
This is a great idea, I am no developer but from a user standpoint this would be quite the time saver.
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