Framerange on .mov export don't follows mark in/out when there is sound

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Framerange on .mov export don't follows mark in/out when there is sound

Post by duckyie » 09 Apr 2019, 15:23

Hello all,

it's my first post on this forum, but some month already as a reader :) .

I experiment some issue with .mov export with sound.
I am on a Win10 (64bits) and TVPaint Pro 11.0.8 (64bits).

My project contains multiple layers and ONE audio layer. All of them (including sound) last for the same duration (31 frames in my example).
When i export my project using Animation / MOV (FFmpeg) / Export Sound Track (checked), my .mov exported last for 33 frames.
It doesn't interpolate, but duplicate 2 times the last frame.

If i export with the exact same parameters, but i uncheck "Export Sound Track", the .mov exported got the right lenth (31 frames).

I tried a lot of things (others projects, others sound input, ...).
The only thing that react as expected, is when i don't have sound (with our without the export sound checked), if i uncheck export sound (if i have a sound in my project).
Even if i try to export a longer footage, it stick to 33 frames.

So i think that the ffmpeg command used for the export andle well the video, but the sound is not well interpret by tvpaint and is not trim to the mark in / mark out.
It result a wrong export when it include sound if this sound isn't undersatnd as the exact same lenth as the export.

At the moment, I avoid this issue by resend the .mov exported in ffmpeg and and reinject the sound. Without any other parameters (in ffmpeg), the video got the expected lenth (31 frames).

Do you got any info about that and am i the only one experimenting that problem?
I maybe also using the software wrong :)

Thanks for your help !!!

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