Understanding Plasma and Perlin Noise

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Understanding Plasma and Perlin Noise

Post by Cardin Collins » 25 Jan 2018, 23:46

If my questions regarding Plasma and Perlin are vague and confusing, I apologize. Its because I find them vague and confusing. Much can be done with experimentation but I seek a deeper understanding of what they are. I found this write up pretty helpful...
https://library.creativecow.net/article ... _noise.php

After a bit of playing around stacking Plasma, Perlin, and other various tools I came up with something that looked somewhat like wood grain. It doesn't look even half as good as the one in the article but I also didn't spend a lot of time on it.

The document on Plasma states that its similar to the Wave effect but it also looks like some sort of fractal to me. It seems similar to what other programs refer to as Turbulent Twist, which I think is a subset of effects derived from fractal noise algorithms. Am I close or way off the mark? Any information as to what Plasma really is would help. If my hunch is correct, there might be ways to apply it in addition to psychedelic patterns shown in the examples. I know it might also be good for displacement mapping.

Perlin Noise
In trying to find useful ways to utilize both Plasma and Perlin Noise, I'm left with having to study tutorials from other programs. The documentation gives hints but not a thorough explanation of the functions that power this effect. For instance, I've read that there have been "improvements" to how fractal noise is processed and was wondering if TVPaint uses the most modern method. While researching, I've seen some amazing things done with Perlin Noise and would like to be able to to them in TVP. I've done a few tests but I want to make sure its possible to push it further. Could there be more to Perlin Noise/Turbulence that isn't currently in TVP?
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