spherical projection

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spherical projection

Post by slowtiger » 21 Oct 2013, 10:49

Have a look at this sketch:

This was done via the new spherical projection script in Anime Studio, but the same feature exists in most 3D programs. I always wanted to use this for painted backgrounds, but never found some useful grid for it. So I did one myself, here it is for everyone to use:

The image used for the example above:

The bookshelf in the back is something I did quite a while ago and re-used it already in different projects. Import the image into TVPaint and use the warp grid with some good resolution, I used 7 horizontal and 6 vertical points. Select columns of points first (marquee select) to shift horizontally in place. Then place the points so the connecting lines meet or follow the grid lines.

Maybe I'm a bit obsessed with the clear lines, a more painterly approach could be better. Looking forward what others do with this!
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Re: spherical projection

Post by Elodie » 21 Oct 2013, 13:01

As the content sharing is dedicated to .tvpx with brushes, features and george function, I moved your topic :)
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