Official screen formats

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Official screen formats

Post by slowtiger » 08 Mar 2017, 11:15

Since there's often some confusion about the correct dimensions of screen and broadcast formats, here's a little primer:
C6USK0gWYAEKvtb.jpg (95.91 KiB) Viewed 10816 times
(found on twitter, couldn't resist)
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Re: Official screen formats

Post by Fabrice » 08 Mar 2017, 12:26

It's stupid, but I laughed ! :lol:
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Re: Official screen formats

Post by Elodie » 08 Mar 2017, 12:28

Excellent :mrgreen:
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Re: Official screen formats

Post by VGmaster9 » 08 Mar 2017, 13:51

You forgot 8k. :)

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Re: Official screen formats

Post by NathanOtano » 09 Mar 2017, 16:21

haha nice
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Re: Official screen formats

Post by arty93 » 06 Nov 2017, 18:54

Well, once you go 120 fps you never go back!
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