Farewell !

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Hironori Takagi
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Re: Farewell !

Post by Hironori Takagi » 27 Aug 2018, 02:30

Fabrice, Eric
I am very surprised at these posts.
The use of software in the Japanese market has greatly improved, and I was hoping for further development in the future.
Your retirement is very disappointing to me, but I will continue to look at the development of TVPaint.
First of all, I appreciate your work so far.
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Re: Farewell !

Post by Patrick » 27 Aug 2018, 10:55

VGmaster9 wrote:
24 Aug 2018, 14:47
Any reason why Fabrice was dismissed?
Fabrice was dismissed for :
- power abuse
- abuse of social good
- strong disagreement with "co-Executive-Manager" (which was me)

Everything of those happened during a time I wasn't able to be at the office for illness issue. A such disrespect needed a strong response from the "shareholders" which are me, my father and my sister in law, Isabelle, now CEO.

A ultimatum was made, and all those crying people got their answer. It's not the first time that some people tried to steel the company and all this situation makes me remembered the old time with bauhaus... Silence was necessary, and not a choice for those are asking. Thank you for your understanding.
Tvpaint is a family company and will continue to be.

By the way, the company is going good. American and Japan market is still our first priority and the software development is going well.

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Re: Farewell !

Post by Isabelle » 30 Aug 2018, 09:09

Hi everybody,

I'm Isabelle Adam, Herve's wife (TVPaint Founder) and the new CEO of TVPaint since February.

I have a few words to say, after seeing some messages here.
I didn't react before because of work, and I didn't want to be disrupted.

Fabrice, Elodie left TVPaint because they absolutely wanted this, and our french health system has helped them (it's called unfitness). Noone has been fired.

When I became CEO, Fabrice could have been technical director (as Patrick is now financial director), but he didn't come back.

Why me as CEO ? Before Herve's death, Claude Adam (Herve's father, who helped him to create the company) was the CEO of TVPaint. To succeed him, Herve wanted me to become CEO. Everyone at TVPaint knew this. But Fabrice and Patrick were interested by this responsibility, and I trusted in their collaboration. It would have been aching to work at TVPaint at this time for me so why not : during four years, everything was ok. Until the end of last year.

I didn't want to become the CEO just to be the boss and telling everywhere "Look at me, I'm a boss !" (stars lighting in my eyes), I absolutely don't care about any kind of power : I knew before being CEO it would be tough because some people prepared an internal conflict before going (I've never seen them after, they never came back to work). There are some dark sides in this story, everything is not black or white (or pink)...

I am not afraid to fight to carry TVPaint with my team and to continue make it better and better.

So, I'm here now :

- Not only for Herve's memory (this is something very important for me, he was an extraordinary person, skillful and genuine - he created TVPaint in 1991, all by himself...)

- But also for the whole community of TVPaint users, and for the people who work here, in Metz,

- For TVPaint, 2D Animation is alive, I want to make the story go on, not only I but the whole team : Benjamin, Clémence, Clement, Damien, Dean, Eric, Jeremy, Jordane, Lise, Melanie, Mathieu, Michel, Mike, Nora, Patrick, Sandrine, Shirley, Thierry, Victor (in alphabetical order because each person is so important and precious), some people trust in TVPaint, I've already met or discussed with some users who are great and nice people (I don't know if I can talk about them so I won't, they may recognize themselves, I hope so), and they are very important for us, as our community is.

We can do it, the show must go on.


Cardin Collins
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Re: Farewell !

Post by Cardin Collins » 02 Sep 2018, 09:55

Good luck to the current team and new management.
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Re: Farewell !

Post by DenX » 03 Sep 2018, 06:48

Ok. The show must go on.
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Re: Farewell !

Post by CartoonMonkey » 03 Sep 2018, 07:38

Thank you

And thank you to Patrick and Isabelle for joining the conversation and to explain a few things. I know what hard work you all do to keep 2d animation and TVPaint growing. I know that everyone involved made the best choices so that everything and everyone can move forward. I was a bit saddened by the news, but I know going forward it is for the best for everyone involved.

I've always been passionate about the amazing things the team at TVPaint can do, and I've been so incredibly fortunate to be even the smallest part it.

It's always difficult to have trouble at one's workplace, but I hope through it all some respect and our friendships do remain.
Big love from across the pond!

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Re: Farewell !

Post by maxrobert » 05 Sep 2018, 01:45

This is sad news indeed,

As an ardent TVPaint user since 2009 to this day,
you guys were the face of TVPaint all this time for me.

Thank you for all these years and for the great support on these forums.

Where is TVPaint going next?

All the best and good luck!

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Re: Farewell !

Post by Isabelle » 06 Sep 2018, 04:32

Sad news, I understand, everything could have been easier but when people want to go (and they wanted to), you must find another way. I knew other challenges (people gone but didn't want to and how to continue ? You have to find a new way , it takes time, and not only)
Only hope the best in the future for each of us, whatever happened.

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Re: Farewell !

Post by daninski » 22 Sep 2018, 16:04

So many people to say goodbye to and so many to say hello to! Good luck everyone with the new adventures and roles. I'm looking forward to seeing TVPaint continue to flourish, and to see what Elodie and co get up next :)
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Re: Farewell !

Post by cgmodeler » 21 Oct 2018, 06:58

Just read this post, so sad to see you go... I was wondering what has happened with Tvpaint, the updates, the team behind it, and if there'll be ever a roadmap. After all it's quite an investment and one of the reasons we bought it for my studio was the personal relationship that we developed since Gobelins. We wonder what will be of our beloved software... Farewell amigo!
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