Big Aniboom competition

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Big Aniboom competition

Post by Elodie » 11 Sep 2009, 07:23

I've found this in my e-mail box this morning :
Greetings from Aniboom!

Aniboom’s Marvel Motion Comics Competition has launched and is now taking submissions! We’ll start showing submissions this coming Monday! Remember, the early entries have the tendency to get higher views, more community support, and a better shot at prizes--so submit early (and often) and lead the pack!

Right now, we’re looking for to see what you can do with the first 7 pages of comics starring the Hulk, Wolverine, and Nova! To download pages of original Marvel Comics, along with exclusive audio and music content, go to and help lead the future of comics! There’s tons of cool prizes including $2K for first stage finalists and a $10,000 Grand Prize!

Cliff (and the rest of Aniboom!)

Cliff Benston
Community Editor

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