Seeking TV Paint Prodigy's for Rotoscope Job

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Seeking TV Paint Prodigy's for Rotoscope Job

Post by Animaticmedia » 11 Dec 2017, 23:07

Animatic Media is a new breed of a creative production company redefining the term previs. We help our clients create and present
engaging storylines that connect with consumers and drive brand messages through narrative storylines across a wide range animation styles.
We are seeking world-class talent in TV Paint for rotoscope scope animation.

Applicants will rotoscope over existing 3d animation adding outlines and expressions to give a natural media look.

Examples of what we’re seeking:


Finished animation style:

10 days. We are producing 2 :30 second spots @ 10 frames a second. 300 line frames total per spot. Please submit at least 5 samples of similar related work to

Location: Can work from anywhere

Pay: looking at flat rate $3000.00 per spot

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Re: Seeking TV Paint Prodigy's for Rotoscope Job

Post by Elodie » 12 Dec 2017, 07:25

Thank you for posting here ! We will share the job on FB and LinkedIn.

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