George in the TVPaint Android Beta

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George in the TVPaint Android Beta

Post by Svengali » 17 Dec 2012, 17:41

I've been customizing some functionality (with buttons and scripts) inside the new TVPaint Android Beta software, generally with very good luck. I've ported over a number of buttons and scripts that work well in TVPaint with XP and while most seem to work equally as well in TVPaint Android Beta, I've run into a few problems which I can't solve myself after two days trying.

In every case the problem appears to involve saving images to a file using George commands. For example saving a .png file which is a cutbrush image used with a brush tool. Another example is simply trying to save a display - the current frame with all layers - again, to a .png file. Saving AnimBrush .dip files are also a problem.

A few tips would be helpful, especially concerning How to define a filepath, where to safely write (and subsequently read) image files, and whether the following commands should be expected to work in the new Beta?

tv_LoadBrush (loading previously saved image)
tv_LoadBrushAnim (loading previously saved animbrush images)
tv_GetPath (with or without HOST or GEORGE arguments)

All of the above commands are used in George scripts called directly from buttons.

I wondered at one point if Android permissions were the cause? TVPaint in Android seems to be limited in that respect to modifying or loading files only.

File saving seems to be the only issue I really can't solve but if someone can get me started enough to save original image files there is a lot which can be done.

Thanks, Sven
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Re: George in the TVPaint Android Beta

Post by Fabrice » 17 Dec 2012, 22:39

TVPaint in Android seems to be limited in that respect to modifying or loading files only.
I might be wrong, but I think it's because all the input/output (incl exports) fonctions, have to be rewritten specifically for Android.
Fabrice Debarge