"Single FX" in the stack

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Re: "Single FX" in the stack

Post by hisko » 30 Jun 2011, 14:41

I just wanted to create a topic about this subject, because the single FX stack (which is not a stack by the way) just gave me an enormous headache.

I think that the multiple fx stack is a pretty good answer to the newcomers that complain about the destructive nature of tvpaint. Since tvpaint saves the multiple fx stack, anything can still be changed as long as the original sources (layers and projects) are saved too.

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Re: "Single FX" in the stack

Post by Roselle2 » 12 Sep 2011, 09:28

Hi Fabrice,
You ask Single FX yes or No ?
i wont like the FX Single -Stack. Yes :lol:
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