cartoonm!ke's doodles

Show us your drawings and animation made with the TVPaint technology here !
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cartoonm!ke's doodles

Post by cartoonM!ke » 29 Oct 2006, 17:20

Hi everyone, My name's mike and I'm using the demo version of TVP Animation. Having lots of fun with this program so far. Here's two drawings I did, the first one, Femme Spy started as a doodle and I took it from there. It's the first drawing I did with TVP.

The other is from a idea I had called Eros on Mars. There's an interesting (I hope) story behind this drawing. Hopefully I'll be able to do something with it soon.

Hope my drawings are up to par with the rest of the wonderful talent shown here.

Welcome any and all comments. Thanks!
femme spy.jpg
First TVP Animation work
femme spy.jpg (116.61 KiB) Viewed 5978 times
Second TVP Animaton work
erosOnMars001.jpg (52 KiB) Viewed 5978 times
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Post by Patrice » 29 Oct 2006, 20:06

Nice work CartoonM!ke!
Ex TVPaint Team

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