Movable project tabs

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Peter Wassink
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Movable project tabs

Post by Peter Wassink » 23 Apr 2016, 01:43

i'd like to see the possibility of rearranging the order of the project tabs above the project view.
Now the last one sits left but i'd like to be able to rearrange them.
Just like you can drag in a modern browser. (maybe that is the main reason... i am so used to be able to do this, that out of habit i try to do the same in TVP.)
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Re: Movable project tabs

Post by furushil » 23 Apr 2016, 07:17

Me too, I am also trying to move them sometimes :D
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Re: Movable project tabs

Post by Elodie » 09 May 2016, 07:51

I agree with you guys ^^

But Drag and drops are terrible to add in TVPaint... So, I'm afraid this feature won't be possible in version 11.

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