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Transform tool

Post by Joost » 23 Oct 2014, 10:37

Some suggestions to improve the transform tool:

-Holding shift to move an object in straight lines would be nice.
I know that I could use the 'panning tool' for this, but while using the panning tool I don't have the option to move the object 4 exact pixels left or 8 pixels right (for example). And I also know that I can drag the 'panning x' or 'panning y' slides in the tool pannel, but for me it would be nice to also have the option to move an object straight lines when using the transform tool without switching between the panning and the transform tool.

-When using the tool panel to move an object using the 'panning x' and 'panning y' slide:
I use this a lot, but my when I have to drag an object to the other side of my drawing, I have to drag 10-20 times to get the object to the right spot. If I compare this with Adobe After Effects, then my conclusion is that they have a really smart solution for this problem: If you move an object using the x/y/z slides, it moves really fast. But when holding the cmd (mac) or ctrl(windows) button, I cant move the object pixel by pixel to get it to the exact right spot. Wouldn't it be nice to have this same solution for the transform tool slides.


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Re: Transform tool

Post by schwarzgrau » 23 Oct 2014, 15:44

+1 from me for both.
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