Timeline user improvements and buttons

This section is dedicated to the feature & improvement requests (be sure what you are asking does not exist yet in TVPaint Animation ;) )
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Timeline user improvements and buttons

Post by David_Fine » 06 Oct 2014, 04:17

Often when I go to select a range of instances, it accidentally moves the first instance. It seems that dragging to select a range and dragging an instance to move it is almost the exact same interface move. It would be better if this was changed so that moving required holding down control, for instance.

Also, trying to grab those tiny boxes on the instances is very fiddly. Why not make those boxes just a little bigger so that they respond more easily when grabbing?

Why is it that a menu items does not always appear in the otherwise extensive list available for making a button? For instance, the menu item "remove instance head" appears under Image/Exposure. In the button menu option, no such item exists under Image. It seems to me that every menu item should be an option for the buttons.

Speaking of buttons, it would be really helpful if a button could trigger a keyboard combination because then a button could be used to do almost anything. It would solve the prior request since menu items can be assigned keys combos. The button could then refer to that key combo. Also, if like me you use Keyboard Maestro to make macros, then a button which triggers a key could work with that software as well, which would be great. (I highly recommend Keyboard Maestro, not just for TVPaint, but for many other uses)
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