TV Paint Light?

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Paul Fierlinger
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Re: TV Paint Light?

Post by Paul Fierlinger » 27 Mar 2014, 10:39

I had the same experience when I used to teach more, but also the worst learners tended to be those students who had acquired a psychological dependency on Adobe products, so in other words, the more they knew about computers, the less they were willing to learn something new.
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Re: TV Paint Light?

Post by Thunderdog » 27 Mar 2014, 11:02

Elodie wrote:
@thunderdog : what if you start with à cheap digital piano and want later play on a concert piano ? You can't compare both and if à Roland makes good digital pianos, you'll prefer maybe à yamaha concert piano ? ;)
That's a bit more specialized. Tvpaint compares a lot more to a digital workstation. It lacks the expressiveness and prestige of natural media just as the digital piano lacks the expressiveness and prestige of a concert piano(as far as piano sounds go!). Where it "lacks" in expressiveness it makes up for in overall capabilities.

Because of the type of music I prefer, a concert piano would end up being more a very large paper weight to impress strangers as far as its time of use compared to a "cheap" fully weighted 3000euro keyboard.
IMO, a lot of the appreciation for the yamaha concert piano is more in its prestige than the "average" listener's "real" ability to appreciate its tonal quality independent of the venue it's being played in. Sugar tablet kind of thing. It probably wouldn't work that way for tvpaint if there were a lite version.

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Re: TV Paint Light?

Post by momo » 28 Aug 2017, 11:53

Interesting discussion, did anyone ever consider doing it Open Source? Like what Blender did or Opentoonz recently?

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