Easy break out of Infinite Loop?

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Easy break out of Infinite Loop?

Post by Svengali » 15 Mar 2021, 18:45

I wonder if there might not be a way to allow users to break out of an "Infinite Loop" (white screen)... maybe some emergency key combination like Control+Alt+Escape?

When developing a script, on many occasions I've accidentally set a conditional loop that never becomes true (never exits)... or used a loop value so large I finally have to use the Task Manager to quit TVPaint. Infinite Loop (white screen) is especially frustrating if it happens before hours of work can be saved...

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Re: Easy break out of Infinite Loop?

Post by Peter Wassink » 15 Mar 2021, 22:26

YEs, not sure if i'm hijacking this request.

but a similar problem goes when loading a range of files.
recently i dragged a collection of png's, a numbered sequence of 40 frames, into tvpaint.
and tvpaint after loading the sequence was finished ...a new loadpanel popped up for the second frame and after the sequence loaded a second time a new panel popped up...
and so on
40 times without option to escape!
i had to click cancel 40 times!
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Re: Easy break out of Infinite Loop?

Post by Xavier » 17 Mar 2021, 11:31

When loading a video file you can hit escape to interrupt the loading (yes I agree that it does not always work and it's not immediate anyway).

When running a script I'm not sure, but indeed it could be an improvement. At the very least for these two operations.
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