See preview of line when using Ellipse , Circle, Line, or Spline drawing mode

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See preview of line when using Ellipse , Circle, Line, or Spline drawing mode

Post by D.T. Nethery » 04 Jan 2021, 17:41

I had posted this in a different topic about the Ellipse tool , but now I am following Xavier's suggestion to post this as a Feature & Improvement request:

When I use certain drawing tools (brushes or pencils) with the Ellipse drawing mode or B-Spline drawing , I can see a preview of what the line looks like as I draw the ellipse or line , but with other tools there is no preview of the brush/pencil lone , only a thin red line showing the shape of the ellipse or the spline shape. The actual line only appears after applying the ellipse or spline by hitting the Enter/Return key.

Is there any way to allow for all drawing tools to have this preview mode when using Ellipse or Spline tools ? Screenshots show examples of the current behaviour.
preview of brush is visible with Ellipse tool.jpg
preview of brush not visible with some tools.jpg
using Spline drawing mode shows preview of the brush line.jpg

It is easier to use Ellipse or Spline drawing mode if we can see the line as above ,
rather than only the red outline as shown in the image below.

Other brushes do not have a preview only a red line.jpg


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