Mouse wheel to rotation

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Mouse wheel to rotation

Post by slowtiger » 23 Dec 2020, 19:28

I just did a quick-and-dirty cutout animation, custom brush in stamp mode, and noticed that this would be greatly improved by utilizing the mouse wheel.

My workflow: create lots of empty frames/instances (otherwise the brush will not show up in an empty frame - if this could be changed it would also be great). Light table on. Brush in stamp mode. Stamp, forward frame, stamp, and so on.
Now when I want to do a rotation I need to call up the cutbrush panel, which is highly annoying if you have to do it often.

I tried to key bind the mouse wheel to both the cutbrush rotate and the brush rotate, but it didn't work.

So this would be very nice to have, to be able to scroll up and down to rotate the brush clockwise and counter-clockwise. Shift-scroll would be my choice. (And since we're at it: alt-scroll could scale the brush in the same fashion.) (ctrl-scroll (Mac) and cmd-scroll can't be used for this)

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Re: Mouse wheel to rotation

Post by Xavier » 23 Dec 2020, 23:17

Nice idea, it would be interesting to have the mouse scroll as an action that you can associate to shortcut functions.
Yet we'll have to see if this is possible with TVPaint 11 ^^
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Re: Mouse wheel to rotation

Post by Peter Wassink » 24 Dec 2020, 02:41

Hey Xavier, the scroll wheel is already there ( wheel up, wheel down) :wink:

the problem is, the functions are missing, we don't have an incremental rotation on the (custom)brush
we now only have this :

Brush Rotate +90 (counter clockwise)
Brush Rotate -90 (clockwise)

But to be able to do some usefull work we need steps like we have for the zoom rotation:

Brush Rotate +15 (counter clockwise)
Brush Rotate -15 (clockwise)
and finer:
Brush Rotate +1 (counter clockwise)
Brush Rotate -1 (clockwise)

i guess even finer the 1 degrees would be nice in some cases
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