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Each plane in Multiplane stack can have it's own Speed Profile

Posted: 01 Dec 2020, 01:34
by D.T. Nethery
If the Speed Profile is used to set the ease-out/ease-in on the Multiplane Camera move , it will apply the easing equally to all layers. For a simple camera move with all the planes consisting of still artwork this works fine. But in some cases it is not desirable to have the Speed Profile applied equally to all layers ; for example if one layer is an animation layer which has a character moving across one plane as the camera is pulling out (or pushing in) , if the speed profile applies to the anim layer then it will make the animation appear to slow down or speed up depending on the curve set in the Speed Profile. This has an unnatural effect on the animation , which has it's own spacing apart from the ease-out/ease-in of the camera move Speed Profile.

Here's an example: In this scene the camera pulls back from a close shot to a wide shot. There is an ease-in at the end of the shot as the camera finishes pulling back . The character running across the background from left to right should run at a constant rate of speed (the source animation is at a constant rate) but notice how the character slows down near the end , because the character layer is being affected by the ease-in Speed Profile of the camera move. The character is running faster as he enters from the left , but is moving slower by the end. The animation of the character running should maintain a constant rate of speed with the same spacing , not getting closer together (easing in) near the end.

My request is for an option to allow each Plane to have it's own Speed Profile. For example, let's say you have a Multiplane shot with 10 planes and 8 of those planes should move in unison with the same speed profile, but 2 of the planes need to have a different Speed Profile , you can copy and paste the same Speed Profile in the Bin to 8 of the 10 planes, but the 2 other planes can have a unique Speed Profile generated (or no Speed Profile) so the spacing of the animation is not changed by the Speed Profile of the camera move.

Re: Each plane in Multiplane stack can have it's own Speed Profile

Posted: 21 Feb 2021, 01:26
by D.T. Nethery
At the risk of being redundant , here is another example of the issue mentioned in the previous post:

The Multiplane Camera would be improved with the the ability to give layers a different Speed Profile, instead of all layers (planes) being linked to the same Speed Profile. Most of the time you want the layers to be on the same Speed Profile for consistent speed and start/stop marks , however, in the case of animation layers that are working within the Multiplane scene sometimes it would be better for the animation layer to have it’s own speed profile, so the timing of the animation is unaffected by the Speed Profile of the Multiplane Camera Move.

Here's another example of this issue:

Notice that in this scene as the Camera pulls back to a wider shot the Speed Profile has a slight ease-out and ease-in on the camera move , however, the motion of the swan moving laterally left-to-right across the water should not be easing-out/easing-in , but should be a constant rate of movement (evenly spaced , not easing-out or easing-in). But you can see that as the camera eases-in and comes to a stop at the end of the move , the animation of the swan is also easing and coming to a stop , rather than continuing to move forward with a constant rate of speed to the end of the scene.

This may seem like a small thing , but it has an effect on the spacing/timing of the animation to have the animation layer tied to the same ease-out/ease-in Speed Profile as the camera move.

This is why it would be useful to have a feature where some layers could be disconnected (or “unparented” to use AE terms) from the Speed Profile , or the ability to have multiple Speed Profiles linked (parented) to different layers. The default would be that all layers share the same Speed Profile , unless the user specifically creates a new Speed Profile for a layer or layers that are linked to the new Speed Profile. Potentially each layer could have it’s own Speed Profile , but that would not be the usual case. In most cases each layer (plane) is following the same Speed Profile, but in some cases such as the Swan animation layer , it would have a separate Speed Profile , so it is unaffected by the easing-out/easing-in spacing on the main Speed Profile.

Here is how it should look:

To get it like this I had to render the Multiplane move separately for the background planes from the Swan plane. It was a bit tricky to make them match up. It would be better if each plane could have a customized Speed Profile , instead of all planes controlled by single Speed Profile. In After Effects all layers can be parented to a single Ease-In/Ease-Out speed profile , but each layer can also have it's own Ease-in/Ease-out profile (or no Ease) if desired.
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Re: Each plane in Multiplane stack can have it's own Speed Profile

Posted: 23 Feb 2021, 20:26
by Peter Wassink
yes, this brings back memories, and also illustrates why i gave up using the multiplane camera.
having to split up and render stages in multiple passes just to be able to have some control over the layers with animation quickly became very complex and confusing.
I consider the multiplane FX to be unfinished.