Toggle visibility of Multiplane layers in FX Stack

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Toggle visibility of Multiplane layers in FX Stack

Post by D.T. Nethery » 30 Nov 2020, 23:29

In the list of Multiplane layers (planes) in the FX Stack , it would be useful to have a check box next to each to be able to show or hide the plane.

As it is now a layer in the multiplane stack can be hidden only by setting the plane's Opacity to 0% , but it would be more convenient to simply enable or disable a plane's visibility by a check box in the list. Why is this useful ? Because sometimes in arranging the positions of the planes to obtain the most pleasing composition it is useful to turn off some planes that may be obscuring parts of other planes. Also , in some cases it is useful to render some (or all) of the planes on separate layers in the Timeline because this allows for additional FX to be added (for example: Color Adjust or Blur) to some layers (but not all layers) after the Multiplane move has been rendered.

With the current set up , each plane must be selected one at a time and the opacity lowered down to 0% on all planes that you don't want to be visible . It would be easier to be able to do this from the list of planes with a check box next to each plane , allowing the user to either show or hide the plane by simply clicking in the checkbox.


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