Please add in Rendering Mode for Viewing and Export "Bicubic and Lancoz"

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Please add in Rendering Mode for Viewing and Export "Bicubic and Lancoz"

Post by TheQuestionMark » 29 Sep 2020, 05:45

I've been saying years and years I want to TVPaint to add and fix this. What the heck what's taking so long? Even free software can add this OBS Studio, Stream Labs OBS, Krita, and it's realtime. I'm pissed TVPaint hasn't done anything what I requested. "Barbecue my CPU" is wasted!, it should be focus on quality render mode viewing mode to say the least! Also I've been saying there's glitch below 50% Zoom blurry not how it looks, Above 50.01% Zoom it's sharp and feels how it actual looks. That needs to be fix. Why not grab the open source code from somewhere, something like GitHub and paste in TVPaint?

For image quality check. You should this software call Pictureflect Photo Viewer for Image quality check. Set, Render mode "High Quality with all Scale with Options" and set it "High Quality Bicubic". The browser that like closest to it is Firefox. I think Firefox won the debate and argument about Image with Google.

Here's the link to use Pictureflect, frankly I think it's best photoviewer I think ,
Pictureflect - > ... verviewtab

I think you should other rendering too like Krita, for viewing and export.


How you see them is from Krita is "Scale to New Size" and you can see the filter. I say this is for Exporting, if you use code "Scale to New Size" and paste it to TVPaint Exporting it should work since is uses FFMPEG right? I think should also put those rendering mode Hermite, Lancoz3, and Mitchell into viewing. I mean OBS Studio can do it and it's in real time. Just copy the code and paste, it shouldn't be that hard.

How can you set to the "Best' Anti-Alias if you can't see it. Seems Oxymoranic.
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