Adding Brush Mode "Twist 2" with Stylus that has Rotation

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Adding Brush Mode "Twist 2" with Stylus that has Rotation

Post by TheQuestionMark » 02 Feb 2020, 09:26

I'm surprise there's hasn't been response, it's usually spot on in support.

I was wonder if you can add brush mode of "Twist 2" where stylus that follows the canvas. "Twist 01" doesn't follow the canvas. When you flip the canvas it doesn't draw from "45 degree angle of the stylus" of 90 degree it goes narrow instead wide. This is a huge problem! I think you should add "Twist 2" there maybe people that still want "Twist 01" it, but I highly doubt it. I'm surprise no-one has mention this problem why hasn't talked about it all these since the rotation feature came out from wacom which has been a decade?! I know photoshop follows the canvas with twist. TVPaint should add it too. Can you add it or fix it ASAP? There's another person project that has the same problem from the link thread. I'm pretty sure there's a million people that has the same problem, too and should be a high priority. I know I'm dying, I need it right now, can you please send up an update quickly?
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Re: Adding Brush Mode "Twist 2" with Stylus that has Rotation

Post by meslin » 09 Mar 2020, 18:30

I believe I made the script you're looking for: ... 7aee760a3f

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