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Random frames in AnimBrush

Posted: 06 Jul 2018, 18:24
by Svengali
After all this time using TVPaint, I was shocked and surprised to find that stamping random frames from the current AnimBrush, in the same X,Y spot, on ALL the frames of a given layer apparently CANNOT be done!

In the past, I've noticed when drawing a stroke using an AnimBrush whose "Anim" setting is RANDOM, the generation of randomness seems based on the changing X,Y position of the AnimBrush, NOT on some per-stamp-randomly-generated value in the range of the animbrush framecount. It's especially noticeable when moving the cursor over, but not in contact with the surface.

So, today I tried to generate a randomly stamped sequence at the SAME X,Y location from a string of random animbrush frames (with its "Anim" setting to RANDOM).

I start in the usual way by stamping once on the first frame, @ the X,Y location I want RANDOM frames stamped, for the whole layer. Next, I undo (Ctrl-Z) the single stamp on the first frame of the layer, select all the frames in the layer, then press ENTER.

What I EXPECTED: randomly chosen, different frames from the AnimBrush, one stamped on each frame in the layer at the same location.

What I GOT: the stamp on frame one of the layer is some random frame of the AnimBrush. All subsequent stamped frames (from 2, on) are one of the other AnimBrush frames which duplicates itself to the end of the layer.

GEORGE to the rescue: Here is a button that actually gives you random frames (from the current AnimBrush) stamped at the chosen X,Y location. Works exactly as I wanted, in fact it also guarantees that you will never have the same random frame appear twice in succession.
To Use:
1. Choose an AnimBrush with 3 or more frames (you will be warned it your current brush is 1 or 2 frames.)
2. Click the button and you will see a prompt asking you to click your cursor on the screen where you want the random AnimBrush frames to be stamped on all the frames of the layer.
3. Done, it happens in an instant. If you aren't satisfied, simply undo (Control-Z) to try again.
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Re: Random frames in AnimBrush

Posted: 06 Jul 2018, 22:29
by slowtiger
I've noticed this. BUT: if you just step forward a frame, don't move the mouse, and click into each frame, RANDOM works. It also should work to advance one frame, hit re-apply, advance, etc.

I agree it should work with any range of frames selected as well.

Re: Random frames in AnimBrush

Posted: 07 Jul 2018, 00:32
by Svengali
Thanks Tiger, I never tried that: place stamp, advance frame, press enter - repeat. Works quite well (producing random frames) and I'll probably use it in certain cases. Apparently Random&Hold lets you start deliberately with a chosen frame, then random frames are generated beyond that. I'll have to check out the other "Anim" settings for more possibilities. :D

As often happens with solving a problem, the basic script has set me off on a whole series of scripted variations that might offer easy access to effects I've thought about for a long while but never saw how they could be scripted.


Re: Random frames in AnimBrush

Posted: 10 Jul 2018, 08:25
by NathanOtano
Awesome! Thanks :)

Re: Random frames in AnimBrush

Posted: 10 Jul 2018, 09:53
by slowtiger
I should add that making this work as expected (using a brush with RANDOM over a selected range of frames by re-apply) would make it so much easier to create "moving holds" or "boiling lines".