Option to keep playhead "always centered" in timeline.

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Option to keep playhead "always centered" in timeline.

Post by swiftsketcher » 17 Feb 2018, 21:59

I often find that as I flip between frames and scroll around the sequence I'll look up to the timeline and find that it's either all the way to the left or right, and I'll have to use the scroll bars to re-center it and reference the nearby instances I want that were offscreen because of this behavior. I would love an option to keep the playhead in the exact center, moving the timeline to the left or right instead of it ending up in random spots from my flipping.

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Re: Option to keep playhead "always centered" in timeline.

Post by NathanOtano » 18 Feb 2018, 12:43

wow, agree so much on that! Would be awesome
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