My 4 DREAMS in the create process CARTOON CLIP

This section is dedicated to the feature & improvement requests (be sure what you are asking does not exist yet in TVPaint Animation ;) )
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My 4 DREAMS in the create process CARTOON CLIP

Post by Animationriver » 04 Feb 2018, 19:48

I dream Make it possible to change the background color
in all clips, not just in the current one. It is very need for storyboard process when i work in mode: import to TVPaint according to algorithm 1 drawing = 1 clip. (sketch from paper to digital) Please!
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For example, in the sequence there is a picture of 800-400 px. and pictures are 200 - 700px.
and other sizes from other cameras ... and devices with a different resolution.
I import a sequence of photos from different sources but they are stretched to the top and bottom edges of the frame frame by height.

Please make the BUTTON for the zoom mode for the whole sequence of files touching the edge of the window.
So that the picture fills the whole screen
Importing photos of different sizes,
so that each photo from the sequence rests, touches the edge, the scope of the project. They must rest against the edges of the frame 1920-1080 ...
VERY unpleasant if the pictures appear in the center of the screen having around a large empty space.
I cut out the pictures and resize them manually. 2018 year!(((
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On the tool "line" with an inverted stylus
works eraser with the style of "line".
Suppose that with the "Fillet Stroke" tool, an eraser
works in the style of "Fillet stroke"? WHEN an inverted stylus!!!
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Please do Ability to Export BY BOOKMARKS in PSD ...
from display Mode (from all layers this frame), not only one layer.
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Re: My 4 DREAMS in the create process CARTOON CLIP

Post by daninski » 04 Feb 2018, 19:53

2: I think you can do dream two when you're importing can't you? In the import settings when they come up?
3: That's what happens when you click the stylus lower button on the cintiq pen. One of my the little things that I love in TVPaint.
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