A more complete list of keyboard shortcuts

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A more complete list of keyboard shortcuts

Post by spyderheart » 30 Aug 2017, 23:55

Hi all,
I use the number pad quite extensively for my keyboard shortcuts as I prefer it to the standard keyboard for ergonomics. Actually I use a separate wireless numpad as a companion to the tablet PC I use. It's a really nice solution and really speeds up my work.

To give an idea of what I mean:
I've used an app called Keytweak to remap the 0 button to Alt for canvas pan, the decimal is remapped to Ctrl (so 0 with decimal enables rotation) and the enter key is remapped to shift. The other keys are then mapped to various actions in tvpaint in the normal way. The nice thing is I can also assign Ctrl + [any number] in preferences and then hitting Decimal + [number] will trigger that action. So not only have I got keys for panning and rotating the canvas, but having the decimal key act like Ctrl allows my to expand the number of possible actions I can access quickly from the numpad (and they're all easy to press with one hand!).

However this has made me notice that some options are missing from the list of Keyboard shortcuts. Specifically:
- Ctrl + plus|minus|slash|star
- Shift + all numpad keys
- Ctrl + Shift + all numpad keys

I can imagine these don't appear due to some possible ambiguity - for example: is shift+8 the same as * ? However, I believe the numpad keys all have unique codes in the system (even the non numeric keys) so while shift+8 is the same as * , shift + numpad8 is not. Furthermore, shift + numpad_* is a possible key combination and does not mean shift + shift + 8. I'm not sure whether this is exactly correct, but I have reason to believe the system can distinguish between 8 and numpad_8.

So, with the currently available options, I can access pan and rotate (and scale if I use a pen button for right click) plus 22 distinct actions. If these other options were added there would be a total of 52 actions available directly from the numpad - quite a difference and all I could ever need!

Thanks for reading :)
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