UI Word Choices for "Insert Images" / "Append Images"

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UI Word Choices for "Insert Images" / "Append Images"

Post by meslin » 13 Sep 2016, 15:20

In my experience, the word "insert" connotes "before the cursor" and "append" connotes "after the cursor." On many keyboards there's an "insert" key that puts characters before the cursor.

I see the rationale behind using the word "insert" because the images are indeed being inserted *into the timeline* (though after the playhead), but I think it could be made more obvious:

When I right click the timeline, and select "Insert Images", the resulting dialog box says "Append Images" at the title. Since it puts the images after, I think the right click menu should either be called "Append Images" or have both options (with corresponding functionality). I know there's some concern about the right-click timeline menu getting too large, so how this: Right click menu says "Insert/Append Images," and put a toggling radio on the resulting dialog (in addition to the counter indicating the number of frames to be inserted/appended): " (x) Insert Before | (o) Append After " thus eliminating the ambiguity of the language.


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Re: UI Word Choices for "Insert Images" / "Append Images"

Post by Elodie » 13 Sep 2016, 15:48

That's an interesting feedback. Thanks David !

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