Mirage installation on Intel Mac

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Mirage installation on Intel Mac

Post by Jack.B » 28 Mar 2006, 14:25

I'm new on your forum so i hope i'm not in the wrong section.
Here is my question :
I'd like to purchase a new Intel Mac but i read on the Bauhaus website that there were some issues when installing the Mirage program.
I'd like to know if you have any suggestions about it.

Thank you.


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Post by ematecki » 28 Mar 2006, 15:38

Dear Jack,

The MacIntel is the way to go, forget any windows computer !
Unfortunately, Mirage 1.5 has been developed before the announce from Apple about the MacIntel, and obviously hasn't been tested with them.

As it turns out, there are a few game-stopping problems with Mirage under Rosetta (the PowerPC emulator built into MacOSX for Intel).
First, the dongles don't work on MacIntel, so no way to register your version, and it will stop working after 30 days !
Second, there are issues with the tablet, there seems to be no 'extended' (pressure, tilt, etc...) information available.

Due to the cancellation of our distribution agreement with Bauhaus Software Inc., there will be no updates to Mirage 1.5 from us, sole owner of the intellectual properties rigths of the source code.
The next release of our technology, which addresses all these problems, and adds a lot of new features, will soon be available under our own brand (April, 18th is the goal for an English version).

Please try the demo of TVPaint Animation here.

Demo link
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Post by Jack.B » 28 Mar 2006, 22:57

It's such a shame that that problems can't be solved...
Anyway thank you for your reply and for the link, i'll give it a try !

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