Move (or anything else) + Keep Selection

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Move (or anything else) + Keep Selection

Post by NathanOtano » 05 May 2016, 10:13


I made a really basic script but quite usefull to be able to move AND keep your current selection. It's especially usefull when you work on drawings that move only partially.
Can be used :
- When animating on a selected range, you can conservate your selection to be able to playback the range you want
- When animating you can reaaply your strokes/erase on multiple frames easily while still flipping (for parts you wanna erase or parts that will not move)
- When I'm coloring multiple frames with ctg layers, instead of having to use long instance that I'll break later, I can select a range where I want to work and after each stroke reapply them on my selection

I made it simple to edit also. If you open the button, you have three commands : you have a shortcut entry between two scripts. For now it's the "next loop" and "previous loop" shortcuts but you can change it to whatever you want : other flips, layer up/down, other scripts or anything else.
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