Global Sound

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Global Sound

Post by jbird013 » 19 Oct 2013, 00:31

TVPaint Animation 10 Pro (10.0.14)

I loaded my sound clip in the timeline of the first scene. When I play the file on the projects level the sound only plays for the length of the first scene. How do I set it so the entire sound track plays on the project level?

(I tried the Preference settings, but that didn't help.)


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Paul Fierlinger
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Re: Global Sound

Post by Paul Fierlinger » 19 Oct 2013, 12:25

Where are you loading the sound into; Project Tab or individual clips? I just reread your post. It seems that you are loading it into the clip -- you want to load into the project if that's where you want to listen to it.
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Re: Global Sound

Post by Elodie » 21 Oct 2013, 07:53

jbird013 wrote:TVPaint Animation 10 Pro (10.0.14)

Anyway, the sound can be heard only if you have images below. If your animation layer = 1frame and your sound = 200 frames > stretch your animation layer.

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