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Re: Copy and paste mystery

Post by ZigOtto » 10 Oct 2014, 11:30

Svengali wrote:Paul,
I think you have to freehand select what you want to copy before clicking the C icon.
yes, the [C] button is a "Copy from Selection" command,
so you need to draw a selection first, with any selection tool,
but you can change it to a simple "Cut Brush" if it matches better in your workflow.
I often use this [Selection to Brush] command (instead of the classic Cut-Brush)
when the outlining of the area I want to select is too convoluted to be drawn in a single stroke,
sometimes, with complex shape (with holes f.i.), it's easier to adjust/refine the cutting boundaries
by using several selection strokes alternatively in [Add] and [Sub] mode.
another difference (limitation) with [Cut Brush] is that the [Selection to Brush] copy only the layer's content,
where [Cut Brush] has 2 options available "Layer" and "Display",
unfortunately, we still have no "Display" option with the [Selection to Brush] cutting tool, :(
also missing to me, the possibility to toggle the selection Add/Sub mode via a shortkey,
or have I missed something new regarding these 2 issues ?
Paul Fierlinger wrote:... it's really a simple case of cut and paste.
or more exactly, a simple Copy and (multi)Paste without breaking Instance(s) .

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Re: Copy and paste mystery

Post by Svengali » 10 Oct 2014, 12:54

Doesn't the RMB let you undraw shapes in Selection mode?

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Re: Copy and paste mystery

Post by MindChamber » 04 Nov 2017, 01:42

Thank god for this thread.
i spent a bit of time trying to figure this out.
Thanks for all the great replies and saved hair pulling.
Its still un-intuitive , and it pained me to see the original poster walk on egg shells trying not to offend developers while expressing his thoughts on how backwards some of these functions seem.
I work a full time job and I try to get in an hour or two of animation in when I can.. so it can be a bit distressing when a 3rd of that time is looking up functions, that have been already normalized.

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Re: Copy and paste mystery

Post by Elodie » 06 Nov 2017, 07:35

Yes, thanks to David's feedback, copy pasting with selection works in TVPaint 11.0.8.
That's the point of this forum : share experience and feedback to improve the technology. So if you are further questions on the software, please let us know.

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