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Gallery animations?

Posted: 13 Jun 2007, 19:50
by CartoonMonkey
Is there an easy way to see only animation in the gallery, rather than still images?


Posted: 14 Jun 2007, 07:10
by TVPaint
You mean if there is a filter to display only animations? No I don't think so.

That might not be too hard to do if I have a little time for that.

Posted: 14 Jun 2007, 16:03
by CartoonMonkey
Fantastic! My feeling is that the gallery is a bit of a confusing experience..

How about a vertical list of users, with avatar pictures on the upper left, and a short bit about that user. Then, upon a click, you're presented with that user's page, and a list of movies in one column, images in another column?

Excuse my early morning coffee-less drawing..


Posted: 15 Jun 2007, 08:28
by TVPaint
That sounds like a good idea to improve the readability of the gallery.
I keep your ideas in mind Chad, thanks.