Corrupted File Won't Open

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Corrupted File Won't Open

Post by tomas30 » 08 Apr 2021, 09:55

Corrupted File Won't Open

Hello, guys!

Yesterday, I was working on my file and saved it seconds before my computer unexpectedly shut down. Now when I try to open the file, TVPaint doesn't respond, and I have to force quit the application. I've tried updating to a newer TVPaint update, but it has the same issue. Casiplay experiences 2021 Is there any way to recover this file? Unfortunately, I didn't think ahead and save any backups...

Here's the link to the file:
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Re: Corrupted File Won't Open

Post by Xavier » 08 Apr 2021, 10:21

Hi Tomas ! as you say, it's good to have the multi-backup enabled :)
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That said, we have issues to download your file on wetransfer. Or maybe it's wetransfer who has an issue with their advertisement. Could you please try another file sharing service ?
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