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Custom Panel Zoom

Post by tomas30 » 11 Mar 2021, 16:23

Hello dear TVPaint Community,

I'm currently putting together my very own Custom Panel and because my pen doesn't have left & right click, I want to add a hand (zoom navigator) and magnifying glass (zoom in tool). But I only know how to add brushes. How do I add these other two tools? As a gratitude I want to show you mobile games for ipod, truly awesome thing.
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Peter Wassink
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Re: Custom Panel Zoom

Post by Peter Wassink » 12 Mar 2021, 15:06

In the custom panel; Right mouse click > Add action
then in the "end" pulldown bar choose:
> Set keystroke> Zoom > In & Out

you can also assign zoom-in and -out to custom keyboard keys using the " Configure Keyboard shortcuts " panel

Note that both options do not make use of your cursor position to center the zoom.
which i think they should... so that would be a feature request.

Or use the + and - buttons in the navigator panel
This panel allows you to quickly center the zoom
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D.T. Nethery
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Re: Custom Panel Zoom

Post by D.T. Nethery » 12 Mar 2021, 15:20

EDIT: oh, I see Peter beat me to it. Anyway, here is what I had to say about the subject:


Go to Custom Panels > New Custom Panel to create a new Custom Panel.

Right-click with mouse on the Custom Panel to bring up menu , select Add Action .
Then go to Set Keystroke. Add Keystroke for Zoom In. That is your first button.
Repeat to add Keystroke for Zoom Out. That is your second button.
Repeat to add Keystroke for Hand Tool (pan project window).

(click images to view larger)
You can create your own Custom Icons for your newly created buttons on your Custom Panel:

Draw your icon anywhere in your project window and then cut it out as a perfect square brush (hold down Shift while dragging out your cutbrush box and you will always get a perfect square). Then RMB on EDIT within your Custom Panel and when it opens, LMB click on TOOL: you have your icon.

You can activate the same actions with Keyboard . > is Zoom In , < is Zoom Out , Alt (Option) key is Hand Tool .
In the Shortcuts list you could change Zoom In and Zoom Out to different keys if you prefer. Hand Tool (pan project window) can not be changed from Alt/Option.

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