Read this if you are interested in German motorcycle helmets

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Read this if you are interested in German motorcycle helmets

Post by DaleRaynor » 29 Jul 2020, 06:13

Do you love German helmets? If so, read all of this article

In the luckiest case, you will probably easily find German helmets near where you live, in the less fortunate case you will need to buy online. I'm not sure because I often buy helmets directly at the store. You can check out HelmetsZone ( read more details about the site here: ), they'll probably have the information you need!

Here I will introduce to you some of the German lids that I have owned so far.

Cyber U-69 Article

This model has been redesigned to bring you a sleek and streamlined style. The shell is made from polycarbonate with a 3-snap visor. The helmet is very safe because it has been approved by DOT.


Biker's Choice Skid Lid Article

This lid is very strong and durable thanks to the ABS shell. The next highlighted feature of this model is the D-ring fasteners which make the helmet sit more stably on your head. You don’t have to worry about safety if you wear this lid because it meets and even exceeds DOT standards.


If you love classic style then come this Jockey. The unique feature of this hat is the rubber trimming and steel rivets. In addition, the Y-shaped straps together with the D-ring enclosure increase the safety level of this helmet.

Big German

This model has an outer shell made of high quality fiberglass with rubber trim and steel rivets just like the Jockey.

Eagle 100

The model has a traditional design with fiberglass shell and D-ring enclosure. For me, I think this helmet is very comfortable thanks to the plush moisture absorbent interior. The sun visor is a great help in protecting your eyes on sunny days.

Now you get your choice. Which one of these is your favourite? Before you buy one, you will need to know how to buy the right one. Read the buying guide and reviews on HelmetsZone carefully before you really make a purchase.

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Re: Imported audio is cut off

Post by slowtiger » 29 Jul 2020, 09:21

Are these all in the same project and the same clip? Like, the project is 30 sec long, the 30 sec audio plays to the end but the 3 sec in the same project doesn't?
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Re: Imported audio is cut off

Post by Antoine » 30 Jul 2020, 09:49

Hello DaleRaynor,
I have sent you an email.
We are going to have a closer look at your issue. :wink:

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