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Touch Navigation

Post by oscar » 19 Jun 2020, 12:38

does TVPaint have touch support? is it possible to zoom & move on a tablet (Microsoft surface)?

Hey TVPaint, I love you!
It's been my favorite animation software for years now. But like most of you I'm also affected by corona regulations, I can't use my wonderful workstation at school. So I got myself a microsoft surface, because I don't want to be confined in my tiny bedroom and at least work outsides, in cafés n stuff. But the keyboard sometimes gets in the way and I would prefer to use just the screen & touch. I don't own the newest TVPaint yet, but is it useful as a tool for animating on a tablet?
Thanks for your help!

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Re: Touch Navigation

Post by Dean » 19 Jun 2020, 13:54

Hello Oscar,
No Surface-specific touch feature is built inside TVPaint. I know for sure that some tablet brands (including Wacom) allow you to bind certain actions/shortcuts to precise gestures done with your fingers on the tablet, but since Surface users are only a small part of the TVP community, we didn't look into building features specific Surface devices.
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