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natural media

Post by hisko » 02 Jun 2007, 13:11

I just downloaded the new update (8.5), and I can see that some of the brushes look much more natural than they did before. It looks as if with the new improved connection options, you have opened the door to a much broader selection of natural media brushes in the future. Very nice!!
The new instances will save innumerable hours of copying (and irritation) and the keyframer motion path looks like a very handy tool that I've never seen before in other software.
Fantastic update!

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Post by TVPaint » 02 Jun 2007, 17:22

Thank you for your kind words Hisko.

We also want to thank everyone from the forum who contributed to make this version 8.5 what it is because you people are the ones who make us go ahead.

More than ever we'll keep saying people that they must feel free to give feedback and to make suggestions (because who knows if it won't be in the next version ;)


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