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TVPaint Package Question

Post by Nikorice » 28 May 2020, 20:43

Hello, I recently purchased TVPaint 11 Standard Edition and I am still waiting for my dongle to come in the mail. It should arrive this upcoming Monday (June 1, 2020) and I am extremely excited to use this program! However, I am using a Macbook Pro 2018 (touch bar edition) and do not have a CD Drive/CD player on it. Is there a way to digitally install and unlock the program without the use of the CD? I only have a USB adapter for the dongle to work, but unfortunately I have no way to put a CD in my Macbook :(

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Re: TVPaint Package Question

Post by ematecki » 29 May 2020, 09:57

See here :

There you'll be able to download the installers for the version you purchased.
You can even do it right now, no need to wait for the dongle to arrive.
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