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A question

Post by RaulAlonso » 25 May 2020, 08:19

For my question, I'll be referring to a particular tool just as an example; on the right side menu, go to Pen Brush tool.

Now on the left side Options, where there is Size and Power etc, there is Drying. When that is checked, each stroke I do on top of each other gets darker; the opacity is being layered and darkened, again and again, for each new stroke. When Drying is unchecked, each new stroke is consistent in opacity. Even if the Opacity is at 20%, the strokes all consistently show as 20% when they're drawn on top of each other.

While Drying is unchecked, and I am making many strokes with a lowered Opacity, and I happen to press "U" (Undo), it's as if Drying turned on for just one new stroke, and the new strokes from then on create a darkened layer as if it was Drying, but only when interacting with any strokes I made BEFORE pressing the Undo.

Go ahead and try it now. Go to the pen brush tool, lower Opacity to 20%, and turn off Drying. Paint strokes over each other... everything works fine. Now let's say you make a mistake, so you press Undo. Then you try painting over it again, and it overlaps and darkens.

Is there a way to fix this? I need this because I want to make different shades consistent, even if I have to press Undo (cause I make a lot of mistakes as I draw).

Thank you

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Re: A question

Post by Svengali » 25 May 2020, 11:37

if you have your stylus set up so the lower barrel switch acts like RMB (right mouse button) you can depress and hold the switch and ERASE part of the drawn shape (using the same tool you are drawing with). This does NOT trigger DRYING, so you can continue drawing into the same drawn shape with the same level of transparency.

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