Trouble creating custom Action commands

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Trouble creating custom Action commands

Post by Soom » 04 Oct 2019, 14:09

I am trying to create a custom Action, but I find it extremely difficult to create some commands, because some of them I simply can't find in the Set Keystroke lists.
For example - Duplicate Structure is nowhere to be found. I can see it if I edit Keyboard Shortcuts, but I cannot find a way just to invoke a keyboard shortcut through a command (is there any simple way to do it?). Also sometimes it's just hard to find a specific command, as there is no search bar, and often no way of knowing where it is hiding (like for example Erase function, which I can simply press Delete on a keyboard, I finally found in the 'Layer>Clear' - I'm 9 years on TVPaint, had no idea it's called Clear and is located under 'Layer' menu...). Adding the possibility of simply invoking a series of shortcuts would already make my life easier.

Also I would like to apply a certain tool at specific coordinates on all instances on a layer, but I can't find a way to tell a tool where to click, or how to grab that tool. Is there any kind of Macro Recorder, than I can just assign a shortcut to, and that's it? It would be very helpful...

thanks in advance
Hackintosh, OS 10.13.6, Cintiq 22", TVP Std 11.0.10,

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