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Importing Footage Changes the Colour of the Footage

Post by ChristopherC » 09 Aug 2019, 10:29

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Hi, Is there any way around importing footage whilst keeping the same colour? I've attached a picture of my problem, video above is playing in VLC (looks the same in any program) though imported to TVpaint there is a noticeable difference.

Video shown is h.264 quicktime, i have tried a few other formats yielding the same result.

I would love an answer, and also i've had a few other unresolved issues that i've posted about and have not heard anything from staff in nearly 6 months, It would be cool if they were seen too or addressed as they're pretty major issues:

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Re: Importing Footage Changes the Colour of the Footage

Post by Hironori Takagi » 13 Aug 2019, 08:52


The QuickTime container's H.264 codec (.mov) has a problem that it cannot maintain the gamma value,
and Japanese users know it and don't use it for online material.
I think you should consider other methods such as using mp4 for containers.
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