Custom brush difficult with fast strokes

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Custom brush difficult with fast strokes

Post by piophany » 20 Jul 2019, 07:20

I'm in the process of learning the ropes of the program and I had some trouble about custom brush settings!

I've noticed that with many of the preset custom brushes, the end of the stroke adjusts and it usually shortens. When I'm making faster strokes, up to half the stroke I've made disappears, and even with slower strokes, a significant amount of the stroke can shorten. This isn't ideal for animating/cleanup and I wanted to know if there are any settings with the custom brushes that affect this.
I've been messing with the settings in the tool menu (step, aaliasing, drying, etc) as well as turning line smoothing on and off, but I can't find a setting that affects this. I'd love to figure out how to adjust custom brushes to remove this kind of 'lag' or if this is something inherent to all the settings in custom brushes.

I also attached an example if my explanation was unclear!
A quick example on what the strokes I get with some custom brushes look like!
CustomBrushComparison.png (74.11 KiB) Viewed 1195 times

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Hironori Takagi
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Re: Custom brush difficult with fast strokes

Post by Hironori Takagi » 22 Jul 2019, 03:02

A method that emphasizes making smaller when weak may be effective. Please give it a try.
(As it is a matter of stroke length, it may be more effective to change the setting of the tablet.)
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