TVPaint not playing sound

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TVPaint not playing sound

Post by asmodai » 09 Jul 2019, 17:59

Hi all

First time poster :)

I am trying to animate a scene where you have a smal sound clip in it. I can see the sound wave but it doesn't play in TVPaint.

At first the program was crashing when I imported the sound file or pressed play to hear it. Today the sound simply doesnt play at all.

I tried the same program in another computer with Windows 10 and all was working.

One thing I noticed was that in the windows "volume mixer" in w 8.1, TVPaint wasn't showing wereas in Windows 10 it would be there.

- The version of standart TVpaint is 11
- windows 32 bits, 8.1.
- wacom intuos 5 touch.
- 16 gigas of ram

Any ideas about it?

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Re: TVPaint not playing sound

Post by Dean » 12 Jul 2019, 13:56

Hello asmodai,
Are you able to play sound in a music player or a video on the first computer?
It is curious that TVPaint doesnt appear in the volume mixer.

Did you modify anything regarding the sound parameters inside TVPaint?
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