TVPaint Won't Open.

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TVPaint Won't Open.

Post by shanecmb » 10 May 2019, 17:54

My program wont open at all.
I click the icon, the hourglass shows up that its loading- a small window pops up in the top left corner of my screen on the [ _ / [] / X ]
sometimes the icon will show up on my task bar at the bottom of my screen.
It loads for a few seconds and then everything disappears.
The [ _ / [] / X ] screen disappears- the icon disappears and nothing happens.

I saw this was posted before and the issue has handled over pm by an admin. Is this resolved?

I'm using a fully up to date version on Windows 10, 64 bit. Professional version. My tablet in a Cintiq Companion Hybrid.
Would really appreciate any help.

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Re: TVPaint Won't Open.

Post by Dean » 05 Jun 2019, 10:01

Hello Shane,

I suggest you try resetting your TVPaint's configuration to see if this changes anything.

Keep CTRL pressed when launching TVPaint. The Startup Panel should appear. From there, you can create a new config file from scratch, copy or delete one.

What you need to do is deleted you current config and create a fresh one, indeed. Then launch TVPaint as usual.

If it doesn't work, press Windows + R and write %appdata% in the field, then press Enter.


You will be taken to a hidden system repertory, look for the TVPaint folder, then inside the default folder, delete the config.ini file.


This should reset your TVPaint's configuration.
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