Mac High resolution monitors not supported in 2019

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Re: Mac High resolution monitors not supported in 2019

Post by mclinton » 04 Apr 2019, 22:31

I have my display setting at the default for the monitor which looks great and is exactly how I would want it. I tried switching it to another setting which makes everything smaller in the OS. I launched TVPaint and it looks less pixelated but everything is so small I can barely read the text in the program. So I tried setting the scaling to 2 in the preferences of TVPaint and relaunched. The interface of TVPaint becomes so large that It's like looking at it through a magnifying glass. I did notice that much of the interface is not pixelated (just way too large) however many of the icons are still pixelated, such as all the special brush icons.

After searching for this issue in other threads, I agree with many people that a scaling setting of something like 1.25 or 1.5 would be better. Plus those pixelated special brush icons and whichever icons still remain pixelated should be dealt with in my opinion.

Actually, the interface of TVPaint is a very good size when opening it with scaling set to 1 in TVPaint, and using the default display setting for the 5K iMac screen. It just would look better if it switched to the non-pixelated icons at that size. A scaling of 1.25 or 1.5 might be too large, even. I'm thinking something like 1.15 - just a tiny bit larger than 1 would be ideal. I imagine this is complicated to implement, but it would be worth it. I find the interface to be too fuzzy to comfortably use, because even the text is slightly pixelated. Maybe this is already being worked on for the next release? With 4k and 5k monitors now being standard this is an important consideration.

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Re: Mac High resolution monitors not supported in 2019

Post by Johannes » 11 Apr 2019, 09:56

Hi JeremyN,
so is the current state considered a viable solution for the MacOS Dev Team? As the examples show the solution would be to enable the low resolution for TVP and then set the interface scale to 2 (Thats exactly what you do in the Windows Version btw.).
JeremyN wrote:
04 Apr 2019, 07:41
It's, to my mind, far more convenient (and clear) for selecting a screen definition. For me, Apple settings (like "more space") means nothing so I always use the "default" setting and use the workaround described above to change the screen definition.

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Re: Mac High resolution monitors not supported in 2019

Post by JeremyN » 11 Apr 2019, 10:13

Hi Johannes,

Unfortunaly, I have no other solution to provide you at that moment and I doubt we will be able to do something for TVPaint 11. However, we have hope, for the next version, to use a new engine that should work better for high resolution screen.

Sorry we can't do more for now.
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