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Need Help

Post by Animator_for_life » 06 Mar 2019, 20:23

Hey everyone, I am new this forum. I am currently working on a project and ran into an issue that maybe someone more seasoned can help me with. I have been coloring a ship using a separate layer for the color and texture. My line work is on its own layer. I select the area in which I want to color (Flood fill) and apply the color to the area. Everything in that selection gets colored except the top 10% of the image. In the picture below you will see a gap running along the top of the stage. It does this on every frame. I tried to recreate this with another project file, and everything functions normally. So this has to be an issue with the settings on the color layer? But I also tested it on the line work layer and it does not fill all the way to the top as well. I thought my camera was misaligned, but it checks out as well. Any thoughts or suggestions would help me tremendously.
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TVPaint issue

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Re: Need Help

Post by slowtiger » 07 Mar 2019, 09:41

It looks like you had a gradient active when you where filling. Try again and make sure Gradient is not checked.
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