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Cursor switches to an arrow after display toggle

Posted: 23 Feb 2019, 16:17
by Harlock
Hello Everyone,

I’m reaching out to see if someone can help with with this problem.

Very often (1 out of 3/4 times) when I toggle between the Cintiq (which I have set as my main monitor/Desktop) and the other Display (the iMac), when I toggle back to the Cintiq the Stylus dot switches to an arrow and (the worst part) TVPaint freezes like for maybe 20-30 seconds….after that everything gets back to normal and I can keep using the program as usual. I don’t need to tell you how annoying this is, that’s why I avoid as much as I can to toggle between displays and have always my laptop next to me in case I have to check something. Maybe I should mention that I do the toggle using the on screen controls of the Cintiq (Radial Menu).

On a side note, I have another issue which I think it might be related. Recently, I’ve set some tools on the Radial menu (pencil, tint blue, magic blue eraser). If I use the radial menu to select the tint blue and then select the pencil back, the cursor also switches to an arrow (almost every time) and it stays like that unless I click anywhere outside the drawing space, like in the grey border of the panels

The Cintiq Drivers are up to date and Im using the OS High Sierra but this also happened with the previous OS versions. I should also say that this happens even I’m not using iTunes or Youtube on the back, like it was mentioned in the “pen cursor problem”: (

By the way, I tried to record a video to show you better this issues but weirdly enough, the arrow won’t show on them.

Any help to solve or explain this (for me at least) inexplicable behaviour will be appreciated.

Re: Cursor switches to an arrow after display toggle

Posted: 28 Feb 2019, 11:36
by Harlock
So I'm really alone in this one? I must be beyond hope, I can't figure out this whole cursor switching to an arrow bug. At least now I don’t need to click on the side anymore, as daninski stated in the mentioned thread:
You don't even need to click on the icon, if you just move the arrow over your controls or brushes it turns back into the crosshair”.
The issue with TVPaint freezing after toggle the displays still happens though.


I've just confirm that the "cursor switching to an arrow bug" only happens when Im using the 64-bit version...with the 32-bit version I can toggle to the Cintiq screen controls and after that the cursor remains a point (as it should be).

Re: Cursor switches to an arrow after display toggle

Posted: 01 Apr 2019, 23:48
by schwarzgrau
No this seems to be a known bug. I got it too, but it seems the devs can't reproduce this issue. TVPaint doesn't freeze in my case, it just doesn't accept the pen, it helps to tip on the tablet/cintiq with the back of the pen.

Re: Cursor switches to an arrow after display toggle

Posted: 04 Apr 2019, 10:47
by Harlock
Hello Schwarzgrau, thank you for your Answer. You were right, TVPaint was’t freezing, it was just the Stylus which wouldn’t respond. As you said, if I tip the Cintiq with the back of the pen, that brings the cursor back. It is still annoying when it happens, but is indeed much better than waiting 20 to 30 seconds until the pencil works again by itself, so thank you for pointing that out to me!

Just out of curiosity: Do you also have the other bug with unwanted straight lines at the beginning of strokes?

Re: Cursor switches to an arrow after display toggle

Posted: 04 Apr 2019, 19:00
by schwarzgrau
Unfortunately not. Or not as far as I know.

Re: Cursor switches to an arrow after display toggle

Posted: 05 Apr 2019, 12:16
by Harlock
You should be happy for not having that :D

Re: Cursor switches to an arrow after display toggle

Posted: 05 Dec 2019, 18:11
by BeniMorard
Got a similar issue.

Cross switches to Arrow and stays like that. Only way to switch back is a quick Cmd + Tab to change software, and then come back to TVP.
Also sometimes, if I was using another Software, TVPaint does NOT react to any clicks with the Pen. Then I have to klick with my mouse somewhere OR turn the Pen over and "use" the eraser quickly to make it work again.

It's such a smal bug that I never bothered to report it. Actually I always thought: Meh it's gonna be gone in the next update of either macOS, Wacome or TVPaint.But now I see in the other Thred that this Problem is here since before 2016 and there was enver postet anything about a fix.

Absolutely EVERYBODY in our Office with a Cintiq and iMac has had this issue as long as they can remember when using TVPaint.
So.. Can we please get a fix for that?