Double sound playing

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Double sound playing

Post by MayKB » 09 Jan 2019, 12:50

Hello, apologies if this is a stupid question but i'm having some trouble with the sound on TV paint standard. I seem to have uploaded a master track somehow, which is playing on all clips, however i can't see the 'master track box' which is referred to in the managing sound and animation tutorial. I have two clips, one which is lined up correctly with the music, and the other which isn't. I tried reloading the sound to the second clip and lining it up in the right place, but now i just have both tracks playing at once - can anyone help?

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Re: Double sound playing

Post by 2dbert » 05 Feb 2019, 14:12

Maybe you loaded a sound track into the project tab when you only want it in the clip tab. You can check by clicking on the sound wave icon in your project tab and delete what you find there. I'm only guessing, but I just had a double soundtrack and removing one from the project tab fixed it.
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