TVP keep saying 'bad file error'...

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TVP keep saying 'bad file error'...

Post by jangnari » 05 Dec 2018, 02:56

Software : TVPaint Animation 11 Standard Edition (32bits)
Platform : Windows 10

when I'm drawing on TVP, unexpected error has occured on Windows 10 and it reset computer by force.

So, I reopen the file. TVP keep saying 'bad file'.
It's very important file and I've been drawing this for 3days.
plz revive this file........

download link is

Plz save me.... plz....

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Re: TVP keep saying 'bad file error'...

Post by Dean » 05 Dec 2018, 09:09

Hello Jangnari,
I just sent you a PM regarding your issue (:
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